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RM 118.00

Product Description

Product Code : 4971850174790

Product Type : Casio Handheld Printing Calculator HR-8TM-GY

Brand : Casio

Dimensions : 41.1(H) x 99(W) x 196(D) mm

Approx. Weight : 340g

Description : 

  • Large Display
  • 12 Digits
  • 1.6 line-per-second printing - The value indicates the number of lines printed per second
  • Key Rollover - Key operations are stored in a buffer, so nothing is lost even during high-speed input
  • Cost/Sell/Margin - Calculate the cost, selling price, or margin of profit on an item, given the other two values
  • Tax & Exchange Function - Tax calculation; set the rate you want for easy calculation of amount plus tax, amount less tax, and tax amount and currency conversion functions. Current rates for converting between U.S. dollars and up to three national currencies by simply pressing corresponding button. A simple operation also converts between national currencies, with intermediate conversion to U.S. dollars
  • Profit Margin Percent - "%" key gives quick access to prices and profits, and also delivers add-ons, discounts, ratios and increase/decrease values
  • Function command signs - A symbol (+,-,x,/) on the display indicates the status of operation you are currently performing
  • Power Supply : AA-size x 4 battery or AC Adaptor (Optional~ Sold Separately)